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From expert to expert

Thoughts occur in our minds, develop into ideas and then turn into solutions. The more people are involved in this process, bringing more know-how, expertise, creativity and passion, the better the result. PHOTURIS® customers are experts with regard to their specific requirements.

We are experts when it comes to lighting projects involving public places and industrial locations.  Collectively we have a lot of experience. The pooling of this know-how as a result of a constant expert-to-expert dialog leads to the development of ideal solutions for special lighting projects.

Information about technical characteristics, as well as the exact specification of lights, are key prerequisites for efficient planning and creative design. We provide information about our lighting tools as additional benefits and services for our customers. The constant development and improvement of these planning tools go hand in hand with the development of new applied technologies and products.



Your contact person
for LED street lighting:

Klaus Müller
Tel.: +49 (0)7134-9899-90