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PHOTURIS® – economical in many ways

How much can be saved in the field of operating costs by using PHOTURIS®? By what percentage can PHOTURIS® reduce CO₂ emissions? How fast does your investment pay off? Is a PHOTURIS® a high-maintenance product? The profitability analysis carried out by our experts provides the answers to all your questions! 

A crucial factor concerning the efficiency of lighting systems is not only the acquisition costs, but also the overall costs during the entire service life. In addition to the purchasing costs, the energy costs are also particularly relevant in the field of street lighting. Therefore, our profitability analysis does not only take into account the acquisition costs, but also the energy costs, as well as the costs for maintenance and repair.

High-quality lighting systems may at first seem more expensive with regard to the initial costs, but due to more efficient light technology, the operating costs are below those of conventional light sources. This enables a rapid amortisation compared to seemingly less expensive, but also less efficient lighting systems. Our profitability analysis enables you to evaluate the efficiency of a PHOTURIS® lighting system and to make comparisons over a variable useful life..