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Good – better - PHOTURIS®

Efficiency and design – perfectly combined in our products 

Developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products that are highly efficient and have a long service life is the top priority at GRATZ Luminance.

The PHOTURIS®-T series is the benchmark for outdoor LED lights that are completely designed according to energy efficiency and light effect requirements. Functional, puristic design meets cutting-edge LED technology. The PHOTURIS® -T series is designed for standard-compliant lighting of residential streets, collecting roads, main streets, and roundabouts, as well as car parks and urban spaces.

It is the lighting technology that makes the all-important difference between high-class and low quality LED street lighting. The PHOTURIS® sets new standards with innovative and efficient technical solutions. The LED module with its high-precision lighting system, equipped with LUXEON Rebel LEDs made by Lumileds and special secondary lenses, enables a highly-precise and accurate street lighting. PHOTURIS® is unbeatable in terms of scale and quality



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