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Investing in energy efficiency – with public financial support

Saving energy, using resources in a sustainable way, reducing CO2 emissions and light pollution – these are the challenges that cities, local authorities, the business sector and of course individuals will have to meet in the future.

Saving energy and energy efficiency are important issues approached by the European Climate Change Programme. Inefficient products must be replaced; efficient ones have to be promoted. Framework directives have already been adopted and have been implemented in the form of national laws and action plans. These declarations of intent lead to implementing regulations that define concrete measures as well as timetables for their implementation within specific areas, like illumination. These implementing regulations will have far-reaching consequences. This way, the EU lighting market will undergo fundamental changes within only a few years, in order to meet the requirements of the future. Only lamps that are able to fulfil these requirements will be allowed to bear the CE mark and can thus be sold within the EU.

In order to meet these requirements, cities, local authorities and the business sector are invited to modernise their existing lighting.

Financial support for these investments in the future is being provided by numerous funding programmes. These programmes usually support the use of highly-efficient modern lights on the one hand, as well as intelligent lighting management on the other. Combined, both factors increase the saving potential significantly. Lighting management systems represent an excellent opportunity to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, especially when it comes to more recent installations that do not need to be replaced completely.





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