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Everything is possible

Different prerequisites require variable mounting systems.

PHOTURIS® can be used both as top- and side-mounted post luminaire. The light head can be adjusted variably. This way, PHOTURIS® adapts to almost all lighting conditions. With our mounting system this innovative LED light can be attached to all standard poles.

An enormous advantage when it comes to reorganisation measures is that the existing poles can still be used. PHOTURIS® has another trump card to play when it comes to new installations. Its extremely efficient light technology enables larger pole interspaces and thus reduces the number of light points per kilometre.

The housing consists off high-quality cast aluminium and thus can remain at the pole for decades once it is mounted. The light head can be mounted and connected quickly in just a few simple steps. There are no special tools needed. Conventional light bulbs need to be changed every three to four years – due to the long service life of LED modules, this won’t be necessary anymore. Further maintenance following the connection of the module will also not be required. The light housing as well as the integrated LED module meet the IP67 protection requirements.

Another advantage ensured by the high-quality surface with regard to maintenance: The smooth surface reduces the accumulation of dirt particles. Furthermore, light generated by LEDs does not attract insects that might cause additional pollution of the lamp. The UV-reinforced PMMA cover makes PHOTURIS® extremely weatherproof and highly resistant.