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Falschfarben PHOTURIS®
Falschfarben HQL
Echtfarben HQL
Echtfarben PHOTURIS®

Increased safety through optimum illumination

Detailed efficiency

Providing just as much light as is actually needed in a certain traffic situation; lighting adapted to the time of day and the weather conditions. Providing just as much light required in order to meet the standard conditions. This cannot be achieved using conventional light sources and ballasts – but with LED technology by PHOTURIS®.

PHOTURIS® with its very high colour rendering index genuinely reproduces the colours of the environment and thus ensures excellent visual comfort and ideal lighting results. Hence, PHOTURIS® not only improves the visual performance of the drivers, but also leads to an improvement of their reaction time - reducing the risk of accidents.

The PHOTURIS® T- series can be dimmed and switched without any losses. Standard LED lights are equipped with a power supply that is highly efficient and is characterised by an integrated night setback. Due to the night setback, the intensity of illumination of every single light can be reduced to approximately 60%, instead of switching off every second light. This ensures a steady and continuous illumination of the streets –throughout the night.